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Jennifer Roberts

Since 2003, I've been quietly documenting the special times in the lives of my clients, so that they may never forget all they felt that day, whether it be their wedding day, or to celebrate a newborn baby. Over the years I've come to learn that much of the magic I capture is actually between the moments often charged with holding a memory. For an image to surprise and captivate us, it has to be "stolen" - just as the saying goes. It's my pleasure to give these to my clients for them to love and share for a lifetime, and, indeed, for lifetimes to come. After all, photographs are our link to the past so that those moments never vanish, are never forgotten, and are always with those beholding the images we create together.
I couldn't be more grateful for my career. It allows me to live creatively and share a gift and passion with people who value my art. I've had the opportunity to shoot in places as far away as Russia (where my passion for photography began 25 years ago), Cancun, Jamaica, Hollywood, Chicago, Omaha and Portland. But I'm always happy to be close to home in my native Missouri. Shooting in Kansas City and St. Louis is always a pleasure, and Mid-Missouri never ceases to surprise me, though I've called it home virtually my entire life.
I love my craft so much that it's always a struggle for me to decide what to pack when I travel with my husband Tony and our daughter, Meara. While wanting to "be on vacation", I am simply filled with regret if I leave my professional equipment at home. I suppose it's how I see the world now... always needing to create my own version of what is before my eyes. It's a blessing and a curse, but I've come to explore my surroundings through lenses and without them I feel I'm missing something. This love of the process is what keeps me so happy in my career. I hope I can create something with you and your family soon!