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The hottest version of you. That's what you'll be giving him. Whether you've been looking for a way to spice things up after decades together or maybe you want to blow his mind the night before the wedding with an album that I promise you he is not expecting. Either way, I've got you covered. Or not covered. You decide. I have a selection of dresses, but you should bring a few of your favorite things too - jewelry, high heeled shoes, lingerie, dresses, his sports jersey or work shirt and tie....use your imagination! At the end of your shoot, together we'll choose your favorite images and then I'll make those images sizzle for prime time. Nervous? That's ok. I'll see to it that you are at ease and rest assured, I won't shoot anything that you'd ever regret. You're in good hands and we'll have a blast working together to create the perfect gift for him.

I offer three packages, and party options. All packages include a phone consultation and a light snack and a bottle of wine or beverage of your choice.

The Centerfold Session: $500 includes a 4"x8" metallic cover magnetic centerfold portfolio, featuring 6-8 retouched images. Also included are 12 high resolution digital files (including those featured in your portfolio.) This is about a 2-3 hour session.

Pixels Only, Please: $400 includes ten high resolution retouched digital files. This package is great for those that just want to create their own products from the photo marketplace.

Tempt Him with Twenty Pages: $750 means I will spend the day with you, creating around 20 gorgeous layouts for a custom designed album you will both treasure. You'll get to show him just what you're made of and you'll feel like a super model princess throughout the process. It's a relaxed and fun day, with a light lunch and wine provided.

I know what you're wondering!
Should you get your hair and makeup professionally done? Only YOU can answer that. Are you confident in your "date night" getting-ready ritual? Do you feel like you do a great job at this on a regular basis? If so, go for it, but kick it up a notch with some false eyelashes (not too long) and bring all your makeup with you in case I think you need a bit more or if you want to switch it up halfway through your session. IF, on the other hand, you are not one to get too fancy in that regard, but you'd like to explore that side of yourself, let me know and I can set up an appointment for you for with a makeup artist and/or hairstylist. $35 per service will be added to your package price, but it will just add to the fun of your day and give you peace of mind that you are going to look fantastic!

Party? Did someone say party? Choose any package and add a friend and you both save 10%. Add two friends and everyone saves 20%! We can even hire a makeup artist to come to US. This is a great gift for bridesmaids.

Call me at 573-268-3321 to ask questions or to set up your session or party!

Centerfold Sessions