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I don't believe anyone anymore when they tell me they aren't photogenic and that's why the portrait on their business card is twelve years old. They equate having their picture taken with going to the dentist. To which my response is that you just didn't have a patient photographer who was willing to work with you. Getting a good professional head shot is a cooperative process between subject and photographer. It's not as simple as, "Sit here and smile." That is a missed opportunity. Your professional portrait should communicate confidence, aptitude, and just the right amount of personality.

Don't underestimate the importance of having a great set of images to use for your career. In today's digital media-driven world, a strong portrait can go a long way in establishing connections and opportunities.

I offer two packages, both of which include the high resolution retouched images we create together, and their adjusted black and white versions:

Three images in 30 minutes, one outfit, one background: $99

Six images in one hour, 2-3 outfits, two backgrounds: $150, additional images $20 each, should you choose more.

Corporate Rate: Do you have a team of professionals and would like a coordinating portrait of each member? $30 per person, with a minimum of 5 people, one appointment.

Call me today at 573-268-3321 to reserve your studio time and give your personal brand an update!

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