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Joe and Jennifer

Choosing your photographer just might be the most important decision you make when it comes to planning your wedding. Here's what I can tell you about me that might help you decide if we might be a good match:

With over ten years of experience as a pro, there's very little that can shake my calm demeanor on the job. Why is this so important? First, you want to be able to rely on your photographer for a sense of peace and reassurance that everything will go smoothly on your day. Especially when something doesn't go as planned - it's nice to have someone tell you all is well, and that your primary job as the bride is to enjoy. this. day.

I care about my images and want to knock your socks off! The time I put into them is just simply part of my creative process, and I enjoy making each image as beautiful as it can be. Capturing a good shot is just the beginning. Today's technology let's me kick up their emotional aspect and dramatic effect, and I love the creative coloring we can give them to give your collection a touch of magazine-styling. Each image in your collection will be in traditional color or black and white (many times, both so that you can choose which you like best), and several of your images will also come with a vintage or "pop" color version. These variations are fantastic for your album, or for so many of the photo products out on the market these days.

Being in the loop is important to me. Not everyone has a wedding planner, and the worst thing from my standpoint is to report for duty and not have enough time to capture the images I know you want. Or, worse yet, I have time, but you are stressed and feel rushed, and are having to dig deep for those natural smiles. To make sure I have the best images for you, each of my couples is invited to my studio for a consultation where we can work out your time line, discuss elements such as receiving lines, send-offs, getting ready locations and whatever else you might need help with. Lending you a helpful hand in this way, assures me that your day will go smoothly and the two of you will be able to smile your way through the most romantic day of your life. Before or after our official planning meeting I'm only a phone call , email or text away, should a quick question arise.

I see the task I'm charged with (capturing your day and all the emotion and beauty it holds) as a team effort. I work not just FOR my couples, but WITH you, to understand your vision, and help you achieve it in your images. You can count on me for some honest coaching and encouragement if you feel you may need it to get the results you're looking for. What does this mean to you, exactly? It means I don't show up with a cookie cutter list of poses and standard shots, but rather take into account your personal style and our surroundings on your wedding day. It means I'm open to suggestions and if you see something you love online, by all means, share it with me. The more I know about what you want, the more I can help you get it! Conversely, if you just want to sit back and let me work my magic from scratch, I am happy to do that, too.

When I book you for your wedding, I'm secretly hoping that you'll bring me your newborn baby in the coming years! After more than a decade, I can't understate how I value my couples that I've watched grow into a beautiful family. Many of my clients have a houseful of kids they bring to the studio for Halloween portraits, Easter portraits, and more! It is my highest honor to be called by them. So, what I'm saying is, I'm more than a wedding photographer, I want this to be just the beginning of our relationship, and I hope to help you celebrate all of life's joys with you in the years to come!

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