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Portrait Events


Each year, around October 1st I get an email from a certain mommy who shall remain nameless asking if I've opened up the schedule yet for the Moonshadow Studio Annual Halloween Portrait Days. This makes me smile so big it's hard for me to explain! 2015 will be my fifth year in the Halloween series, with each year's backdrop different, but complimentary to the years before, giving my families coordinating portraits from year to year that they can display each fall. Side by side, they are a festive and fun testimony to their child's growth, as well as who they decided to dress up as each year.

And shortly after that, I added Easter sessions, which are always sweet and usually include something soft and snuggly from a local farm.

Christmas, too, is an opportunity for you to get a quick but festive portrait of your family for your holiday cards.

Most years, I will also offer a special themed portrait, last year it was gumballs! I'll be announcing this year's theme shortly, so stay tuned!

All of these special portrait events include crafts and goodies for the kids, and are always priced between $35-100, depending upon the package you choose, making them an affordable way to get professional portraits at a reduced price. They are mini-sessions, around 5-15 minutes of shooting, with a consult immediately following for you to choose your images.

Many of my clients have made these holiday portrait events part of their annual traditions and nothing could make me happier! It's such a joy for me to see the kids grow through the years and chat with them about all that they have going on in their exciting lives. They come to love coming to the studio and I love having them. I believe one of the keys to getting great photographs of kids is earning the trust of your child. Once they've come to see me a time or two, we become true friends and the task at hand becomes an easy one, with great results.

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